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We can repair pretty much anything, we can obtain parts for and regularly work with PC, laptops, Apple Macs, and all phones and tablets. We have trained technicians who are Microsoft certified with years of experience and we are fully insured to carry out all the repairs we advertise. We also keep the most common parts in stock and perform most repairs while you wait. This means you get a quick, value for money repair with a shop backed warranty for 90 days.
iPhone Screen Replacement:          from £35
iPod Screen Replacement:              from £35
iPad Screen Replacement:              from £50
iPhone/iPod/iPad Power Button:    from £35
iPhone/iPod/iPad Charger Port:     from £35
iPhone/iPod/iPad Camera:              from £35
All other Phones/Tablets:                from £40
HDD Replacements:                         from £50
Laser Replacements:                       from £35
Red Ring of Death:                            from £35
Yellow Light of Death:                      from £35
Screen Replacement:                      from £45
Virus Removal/Service/Other:       from £40

We are a shop, we are always here with the door open, our warranty is the longest and it's always honoured if you do experience a problem. We have a specialist work shop with antistatic matting, specialist tools and most importantly a dust free environment.


We were VAT registered after just a few months which is useful for our many business customers and gives you a clue as to how many repairs we are doing!

Purdue Tech Ltd

32 Salisbury Street, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 7